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The Mt. Pleasant site has been the location of several school buildings. The first school was established in an old building on February 17, 1866. 

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In 1871, a building was constructed at the location to house the school. In 1891, a local contractor, L.W. Deeth, built a two-story school next to the old one for $1,200. There were two rooms on the lower floor and one large room on the 2nd floor with a stage. In 1921, Mt. Pleasant was accepted into the Oregon City School District.

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The Current School

Construction of the current Mt. Pleasant building began in 1929 and was completed in 1933. The school was remodeled in 1946, 1949, 1954, and an addition was made in 1969. In 2013, the Oregon City School District closed the doors of the Mt. Pleasant School for good.

Winds of Change

In 2014, the City purchased the Mt. Pleasant site from the school district. The City studied the building and quickly determined that remodeling it was not an option. The main reasons for this were its un-reinforced brick construction, the fact that the building was designed to be a school, the building is inefficient, and there are hazardous building materials throughout (i.e. lead paint and asbestos).

While we understood the building would not be a good use for the future of Oregon City, it has been a priority to ensure the history of the site is told through our new design as we pioneer into the future. Our intention is to name the courtyard leading up to the new police and court facility the Mt. Pleasant courtyard or plaza. Our design team has sought public input regarding ways we can incorporate the history of the site and the different Mt. Pleasant School buildings into our design.


We are fortunate to live and work in such an amazing community. We are overwhelmed by the support we continue to receive. We will remain steadfast in our efforts to work hard every day, to serve and protect the place we call home. This project will serve the needs of the city and the police department for years to come.

Thank You!

Looking to the Future

Carving a place that fosters safety, wellness and community.

The site, that has been a beacon of the community, will maintain it's long tradition for hundreds of years to come. The new Oregon City Police Department will continue to represent all that is good with our city. And we will always strive to make our home as safe as possible.

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